Ideas Why You Should Use A Stretch Tent For Your Next Activity

Looking to throw a classy, elegant outdoor event but unsure of what shelter to use? Look no further than modern stretch tents!

Throwing an outdoor event can prove to be tricky do to the many variables that have to be considered. Certain variables are out of your control, such as the weather. The weather can change at any moment and could be the breaking point to what would have been a marvellous occasion outdoors. This is why using some form of a shelter is a necessary requirement for any outdoor event.

Tentickle International recommends the use of a stretch tent in many types of outdoor occasions, this style of tent is very different to traditional cover options such as marquees. Aside from looking absolutely elegant, here are a few more reasons as to why you should utilise a stretch tent for your next outdoor event!

Stretch tents offer great flexibility, a single stretch tent can be positioned in a variety of different configurations make it an ideal fit for just about anywhere.

Traditional pole marquee tents generally consist of a roof canopy, supported by tall centre poles and tensioned on the side lines that are secured by stakes that are driven into the ground. When using a stretch tent, these constraints found in the traditional marquee tents are not found. A stretch tent is essentially a “free form” fabric structure that has been erected through tension. The stretch tent itself is a single square piece or rectangular piece of specialised fabric. The fabric is set up and then manipulated into the desired position through the use of various lengths of pushing poles. These poles are pushed into the fabric and then secured in place to give of the desired pattern. Once the tent has been deconstructed, the square or rectangular piece of specialised fabric returns to its original state (size). This basically means that a single tent can be rigged into multiple configurations depending on the venue, this effectively means that a stretch tent is the most versatile tent option available!

Stretch tents can be erected off and around existing structures within a venue. Unlike traditional marquee tents which are independent structures, a stretch tent can literally be attached to any existing venue and used an extension. These stretch tents are also able to be erected as a fully concealed venue to protect against harmful weather conditions, or erected with either one or two sides up, allowing open access and viewing to the venue.

Stretch tents offer comfort, these tents are made from a specialised waterproof stretch tent fabric that is also highly breathable and sound absorbing when compared to the traditional PVC materials used to construct marquee covers. The more breathable material means a less stuffy and less noisy venue, especially in summer months.

Another great feature of these tents is that they generally pack down to a relatively small size and a pile of articulated poles. The poles generally also breakdown to 2m and 1.5m lengths. When comparing the storage and transportation of a stretch tent to a traditional marquee, the stretch tent is a winner yet again. Stretch tents can easily be transported on the back of a small utility van or small truck.

A traditional marquee requires an entire team to assemble it, a stretch tent however requires very little man power to assemble. An experienced individual will be able to comfortably rig a 50 square metre tent on his own if really necessary. Larger stretch tents require no more than a team of 5 to assemble.

Another winning feature of a stretch tent is the setup time involved when erecting one of them. The actual setup time at large events are usually around 6- 7 hours whilst dismantling is completed in a mere 2 hours!

Stretch tents also come in a vast range of colours and like sizes are able to be linked together they are also available in many sizes as compared to traditional marquees which are generally manufactured in set sizes.

Having a private party at home used to exclusive to those with larger properties, however with stretch tents, the party has been spread to anyone and anywhere, from a small garden to a simple courtyard, any area can be transformed into a party venue.

The atmosphere beneath a stretch tent is electric! Perhaps the biggest deciding factor between a traditional tent and a stretch tents would be the vibe and atmosphere experienced beneath them.

Gone are boring white interiors draped in fabric and flowers. Stretch Tents hold a different kind of romance. The atmosphere beneath these tents is spectacular. The gentle curves of the fabric create an impressive interior that requires little or no dressing. During the day, the light is soft and inviting. At night, the addition of lights or graphic light shows bounced off the fabric brings everything to life.

So when you are out hunting stretch tents for sale, look no further than Tentickle International Stretch Tents.


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Five Benefits of Holding an Outdoor Event

When you think of a wedding, banquet, or other special event, an outdoor location doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. After all, we have been conditioned since childhood to think of churches and banquet halls. Yet an outdoor locale can add an extra layer of style to any event, from a casual dinner to a black-tie affair. Here are 5 major benefits of holding your next event outdoors.

  1. Date and Venue Options

Popular venues typically book up months or even years in advance. If you plan that far out, you can probably get your top choice location, as long as you are extremely flexible about the exact date and time. If your planning timeline is shorter, you will have to settle for whatever venue and date happen to be available.

Moving your event outdoors opens up a wealth of new possibilities. For a private event at home, you can choose exactly the date and time you prefer. If you would rather use a public location, consider a zoo, museum, sculpture garden, park, or other scenic spot. While these venues do have bookings regularly throughout the year, the volume is typically much lower than that of indoor venues, making it far easier to get even a last-minute booking. You might also save a great deal of money when compared to booking the most popular spot in town.

  1. Creative Freedom

Many venues require you to use their preferred vendors for everything from entertainment to catering. Although you should always ask for confirmation when booking space at a privately-owned locale, moving your event outdoors generally gives you the freedom to use any vendors you like. This opens up new possibilities, such as ice sculptures or strolling violinists, that might not be available on a traditional venue’s vendor list. It also allows you to negotiate for the best prices or even enlist the help of friends and relatives.

  1. Customisation

No matter how nice an indoor venue might be, the space is what it is. You might be able to move tables around or change the decorations, but you are limited by everything that is built-in, from the overhead lights to the stage, as well as the walls and ceilings. For an outdoor event, you are limited only by the physical size and shape of your chosen space. You might hire a series of wedding marquees to hold different activities or stations, or hire a bounce house to entertain the kids. You can place a dance floor outdoors under the stars, or use portable heaters to create a cosy, intimate setting underneath a wedding marquee.

  1. Look and Feel

Being outdoors, connecting with nature adds a look and feel to your event that simply cannot be replicated in even the most stunning indoor venue. Choose an outdoor locale with a tremendous scenic vista for a sunset event, or someplace well away from city lights for late-night stargazing.

You can also build exactly the setting you desire underneath one or more marquees. The venue becomes a blank canvas for you to create the event of your dreams. Is your affair formal? Twinkling white Christmas lights add a touch of glamour. Do you have a beach party theme? Add some flip flops and sand buckets to the decor. While it is possible to create a mood inside an indoor venue, it is much easier at an outdoor event where you are not constrained by what is already there.

  1. Being Memorable

Think through the weddings and special events you have attended throughout your life. Can you really remember many of the details? Odds are good that if you have been to more than a few, they all sort of run together in your mind. That’s because most special events are very similar in terms of venue and basic theme.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a night to remember, it would be hard to go wrong with an outdoor event. Just the act of moving it outdoors sets it apart as something special, and any layers you add in terms of theming or decor will only enhance the effect. Why settle for a run of the mill event when you can create something truly magical?


Get in touch with Tentickle International to get started on hiring the best marquees for your wedding or special event.

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Undecided about whether to hire a marquee for your event?

Here are some reasons why marquee hire might be the right option for you:

If space is an issue – whether that is because you do not have much space, or you need more space than your chosen venue can provide – then hiring a marquee can solve this problem. A experienced supplier can give you different options, tailoring the size of our marquees to your numbers of guests and any other of your requirements. This might include areas for chilling out and relaxing as well as areas for dancing and eating.

A marquee can be a blank canvas for you to create the most magnificent event with your style stamped all over it. Tentickle International marquees are just the start of you creating your personal event that will be remembered for a long time to come.

As the day draws to an end, and with the stars shining down, you and your guests can celebrate into the night. Will you and you guests gather around a fire pit or dance the night away?

Hiring a marquee from Tentickle is for your event and not just for the day. Why not enjoy breakfast on the morning after the night before in the marquee with your guests?.

Whatever your event is, Tentickle will  have you covered with unique and great looking structures.

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Planning an Outdoor Wedding in the UK

If you are considering a wedding between May and September and love the idea of getting married with the sun shining down on your celebration, you must be aware of the UK rules and regulations associated with an outdoor wedding before you commit to booking a venue. This article has been designed as a guide, to help you plan a perfect wedding ceremony with an outdoor theme.

The Rules and Regulations of Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies in the UK

It may be okay to get married wherever your heart desires if you’re in the United States, but here in the UK the rules on celebrating your wedding outdoors are quite different. According to the Buckinghamshire County Council, “All the legal requirements of a ceremony must be held within a permanent, immovable structure, with a fixed roof and solid floor. This needs to be large enough to accommodate the couple, two Registrars, both witnesses and a table large enough to prepare the paperwork.” Wedding guests, however, are able to witness your wedding from a garden or outdoor set up.

How to Celebrate an Outdoor Wedding in the UK

If you plan on celebrating a civil wedding ceremony at a licensed wedding venue, you can replicate the al fresco feeling by setting up an aisle with chairs either side of it leading up to two chairs and a table set up inside a licensed room or structure. If you’ve chosen to get married at a licensed wedding venue or hotel, they may advise that the doors are opened out on to the grounds or gardens and that the couple can sit facing forward with their guests sat outside, behind them.

Alternatively, a wedding venue may choose to ‘license’ specific structures around the grounds, such as a wooden pergola, a stone structure or an historic feature at the venue. If your chosen wedding venue has an official licence granted on an external structure (featuring a fixed roof and solid floor as mentioned above), then a truly outdoor wedding is possible.

Top Tip: It’s down to the discretion of the registrar marrying you on the day as to whether or not the temperature is suitable for you to go ahead with your pre-planned outdoor wedding ceremony set up. If the temperature is not deemed warm enough then you may need to forego your original plan and bring everyone inside.

Celebrating an Outdoor Ceremony

There are ways to celebrate your marriage without having to legally get married under a licenced structure in front of your guests. This would be known as a celebrant ceremony. The couple would legally need to marry at a licensed venue such as a registry office, but are then free to celebrate their marriage with friends and family anywhere they like in a more casual setting.  

5 Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

  • Ensure your venue has a wet-weather back up plan in place, just in case.
  • If you think your guests may get too hot during your ceremony, perhaps ask to have electric fans set up in appropriate spots where possible. Alternatively, you could have a basket of hand-held fans available for guests to pick up as they arrive at your venue and parasols for more elderly guests.
  • If you are inviting a large number of guests to your outdoor wedding, they may not be able to hear you over the natural noise created by being outside. Consider speaking to your venue about hiring a microphone if they recommend it for your guest numbers or set up, and if amplified music is permitted outside.
  • You may not want to scatter petals down the aisle or have any decorative items that might blow away if the wind picks up. Candles are particularly challenging!
  • Older guests may become thirsty if the weather is very hot or muggy. Having jugs and glasses of water at the ready could be a good idea.
  • Consider using stretch tents for weddings in the UK – as it allows adequate shading, and airflow throughout. It also looks magical having a wedding in a stretch tent. Tip – find stretch tents, UK and around, at Tentickle International Stretch Tents.


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La tente de réception est l’une des solutions idéales pour dîner dehors lors de vos réceptions (mariage, anniversaire, départ en retraite…) De nombreux professionnels proposent désormais de vous louer une tente ou un chapiteau de réception pour votre mariage ou fête d’anniversaire. Malgré tout, ce choix n’est pas forcément le plus économique et ne correspond pas forcément à vos envies et à vos besoins sur le long terme…


Les aléas et les incertitudes de la météo rendent presque impossible de prévoir de dîner dehors sans tente même en plein été, et vous ne souhaitez pas gâcher cette fête que vous organisez depuis des mois…

Les professionnels de la réception proposent aujourd’hui un large choix de chapiteaux pro et de tentes de festivités en location.

Cela présente bien sûr de nombreux avantages de louer ce matériel : montage et démontage assurés par des professionnels et pas de problème pour entreposer le matériel une fois la fête terminée.

Mais est-ce réellement économique ?

En effet, cela impose de louer une tente de réception à chaque fois que vous organiserez un événement. Alors pourquoi ne pas vous tourner vers les sites experts en décoration et en aménagement de votre extérieur et utiliser un service de vente de tentes de réception?


De nombreux magasins spécialisés dans l’aménagement et la décoration extérieure vendent de nombreux modèles de tentes de réception. Inspirés des modèles des spécialistes des chapiteaux pro, ces tentes, inspirées du savoir-faire des professionnels, sont très robustes et sont un très bon investissement.

Leur durée de vie est de plus en plus longue et elles supportent des montages et des démontages périodiques. Vous vous en resservirez donc à chaque événement de votre vie et de celle de votre famille.

Facile d’utilisation, elles se démontent entièrement en très peu de temps, facilitant ainsi leur stockage. Il existe forcement le modèle de tente de réception correspondant exactement à vos besoins. Les gammes sont de plus en plus grandes et vous trouverez un large choix de taille et de coloris et ce sans jamais négliger la qualité.


Il existe donc de nombreux modèles et il est nécessaire de faire le bon choix. Choisissez une tente de réception facile à monter. Il existe, par exemple, des modèles sans visserie ce qui facilite leur montage : les tubes et les connexions s’assemblent directement en très peu de temps. La structure de votre chapiteau de réception doit être solide et résistante et la densité de sa toile doit résister au vent et à la pluie. La structure du toit doit être renforcée avec des barres de toit et des renforts d’angle.

Réfléchissez également bien à l’usage que vous en ferez et aux nombres de personnes que votre famille et vos amis comptent. La taille de votre tente est primordiale dans l’organisation de votre réception : nombre de table pliante, piste de danse ou non, taille des buffets…

Ensuite tout n’est qu’une question de goûts … Coloris, formes de la tente, décoration intérieure… Certaines tentes de réception offrent même des toits translucides, pour profiter du ciel étoilé… Alors n’hésitez plus !




A marquee wedding is always a popular choice for couples. It offers a blank canvas wedding venue that you can put your own stamp on. It fits with any style, season or colour scheme and you can get incredibly creative when it comes to venue decoration. There are so many ways you can decorate this type of venue! Read on to discover our favourite decor ideas, including notable inspiration for uk wedding marquees

If you’re dreaming of a relaxed, boho affair, why not create a stylish entrance for your marquee wedding? You could build a wooden archway and adorn it with gorgeous blooms. It’ll be the first thing your wedding guests see, and it’s guaranteed to take their breath away.

signs arches to enter marquee

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Lanterns are a wonderful way of decorating the outside of your marquee entrance. Whether you’re tying the knot in the Summer or Winter, they’re a fab addition to a marquee wedding. They’ll look fab in the daytime, and will give your venue a warm glow in the evening.

marquee wedding decorations wooden signs lanterns flowers in crates

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Add the wow factor to  your marquee by placing milk churns bursting with beautiful blooms at the entrance of your marquee. This is particularly perfect if you’re planning a country garden wedding theme.

decorate marquee flowers in milk churns

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Signs and seating plans are another easy way of making sure your marquee looks gorgeous! They can help to hide the parts of the marquee you’re not too keen on, and will help to reflect your wedding theme.

marquee wedding decorations mirror wedding table plan

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Bunting is a simple yet effective way of making your marquee wedding venue look oh-so-pretty. It’s a fab fit for a garden fete or floral wedding theme, and it looks stunning draped across the ceiling of the marquee.

marquee wedding decorations bunting

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Make a statement with huge light-up letters. Make them unique to your wedding day by using your initials. You could stand them against the top table, against the bar or as a backdrop for your wedding cake table. There are heaps of options!


marquee wedding decorations giant light up letters

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We’re huge fans of statement backdrops, and we think they’re a stunning way of adding to your venue decor. They can inject some colour into a white marquee, and they also look fabulous in photographs. From colourful ribbon garlands to wooden panels adorned with greenery, there are so many ways of creating a show-stopping backdrop.

marquee wedding decorations top table wooden pallet backdrops

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Hanging installations are predicted to be huge for 2017 weddings, and we think they look ultra-elegant at a marquee wedding. Bejewel a hanging chandelier with your favourite flowers, or hang a mixture of ribbon garlands from them. However you choose to decorate them, they effortlessly add the wow factor to your wedding venue.

marquee wedding decorations hanging ceiling

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Make your seating plan a focal point of your wedding reception! We love the idea of hanging old-fashioned bicycle wheels from the marquee – a fab choice if you’re dreaming of a vintage wedding. Adorn the wheels with elaborate flowers or even fairy lights.

marquee wedding decorations table plan bicycle wheels

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Add a splash of colour to your marquee wedding by hanging multi-coloured paper lanterns from the ceiling. You could hang them above the dance-floor, the bar area or across the whole marquee. Colourful lanterns will transform any marquee and they’ll look incredibly fun.

marquee wedding decorations hanging bright paper lanterns

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The contrast of wild greenery and foliage against the backdrop of a white marquee wedding venue really does look magical. You’ll be seeing greenery a lot throughout 2017, and it can really give your wedding venue a botanical vibe.

marquee wedding flowers foliage backdrops

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Sometimes all you need are a few show-stopping table centrepieces to make your marquee wedding look incredible. Tall candelabra entwined with roses, greenery and trailing ivy looks beautiful for a fairytale wedding day.

marquee wedding centrepieces foliage candelabra

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Balloons attached to the entrance of your wedding venue or as chair covers will add a pop of colour to your marquee wedding venue. Opt for colours that fit in with your chosen wedding theme. Vibrant shades of orange, pink and yellow look gorgeous for a sizzling Summer celebration. White, blue and silver will transform your venue into a Winter wonderland.

marquee wedding decorations chair backs

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A marquee wedding gives couples the chance to add their personality and style to their wedding venue.

If you are based in the uk, wedding marquees are available from Tentickle Stretch Tents, UK. Tentickle Stretch Tents UK has a variety of stretch tents and marquees available for hire.

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Stretch Tent Décor Ideas

It was in the early 2000’s that stretch tents first came onto the scene. And the ability to be set up almost anywhere and in so many different ways has made them the preferred alternative to your more traditional tents. These extremely versatile structures quickly gained more popularity among function and event organisers and wedding planners, mostly because of the relatively small cost that is required to transform these temporary structures into beautiful spaces by tent hire, London.

Stretch Tent Décor Ideas for Your Wedding

Par Cans – This is one of the easier ways to add lighting. You could place your LED par cans in the corners of the stretch tent and then adjust them so that they shine upwards onto the tent’s surface. The LED lights will ensure that the light disperses over the stretch tent fabric and it will conjure playful shadows, dancing in between dips and curves of the tent. Usually there are two to three lights used for every 75m² of tent.

These same par cans or similar versions of them, could be clamped onto the poles of the tent for a different effect. There are many different colors of LED lights available, so the choice is yours.

Fairy Lights – These are a classic choice, especially for weddings. Place your fairy lights along the natural lines of the edges of the tent in order to create that magical atmosphere. You could also place them along the guide ropes as a sophisticated way of making the ropes more visible to your guests. It is easy to crisscross fairy light because of their light weight.

Lanterns – You could hang your lanterns along the guide ropes or from the edges of the tent for that extra charm.

Chandeliers – Why not take your lighting game to another level and use chandeliers as they are the most romantic light fixtures of them all.

Romantic Palettes – One of the most inexpensive ways to dress up your stretch tent is with the right colors. Play on the color of the stretch tent with contrasting hues.

Making an Entrance – A dedicated entrance for the happy couple like a leafy arch right in front of the tent will make a beautiful and elegant statement.

Fauna and Flora – Why not literally bring your wedding to life with greenery and plants. The greens will pair perfectly with for example, a gold and purple color scheme.

The More the Merrier – You do not have to use one big tent – arrange with tent hire companies in London to link a few stretch tents together and make them different colors too.

If you want to transform your event into a more memorable occasion, at a reasonable cost – contact Tentickle Stretch Tents. Tentickle Stretch Tents are the best at tent hire, London through to the whole UK.

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